Have Duck, Will Travel

There’s nothing quite as good as a sunny duck. Quack! Sunny duck. I should find Henrietta and tell her that one.

Henrietta? Where are you?


Henr....whoa! What's this suitcase doing here? They better not be going somewhere without me.

Well I'll just take a look then.

They can't...urgh...very well...mmph...go without me...

After all, I'm a traveling duck! I'm gonna see the world!

Hey, it's empty. Maybe if I hide in there, they won't notice. Then I'll go wherever they're going!

Just a little more...


Hey! I was just checking it out! No fair, I wanna go too!

I've gotta get in that suitcase. But I'm gonna need some help.

Henrietta can help. But, boy, she sure does sleep hard. I'll have to wake her up.

Hey. Psst. Henrietta. Hey.

Henrietta! Hey! Wake up! HEY! HENRIETTA!


Hey. Are you awake?

Well I am now thanks to you. What?

Come with me. I need to show you something. We've got a BIG problem!

See that? That's a suitcase, and that means that they're going somewhere. And I don't know about you, but I don't like it! Nobody told me no one was going anywhere! I think they're going to leave us here and go without us! But I have a plan. If we disguise ourselves, we can hide in the suitcase and they won't know it's us!

Um, that's a really silly plan, Ducky. I say we just ask them. Then we can go back to sleep.

No way! It's so clever it's perfect! They'll have to take us! We'll be strangers! We'll call it "Operation Who's That Oh They're Strangers So I Guess They Have To Come Along"!

This is my super secret spy box! It has everything we need!

Now, where is everything? No. That's not what I want. No. Where is it?

There's one shoe. Where's the other? Oh, watch out for the soccer ball.

Why do you have a soccer ball in a super secret spy box?

Whoa! Ok, just ignore that thing. It's a little creepy.

OH! Here it is! Check this out! They'll never recognize me!

Tada! Really cool, right? Right? Henrietta?

Hey, why are you laughing?

Because you look silly! Here, give me that. Let me show you how it's done.

Just a little adjustment...

Kapow! Gorgeous! Is it me or do I look fabulous? It's me. I look fabulous. Give me those shades over there.

I may be the best looking hippo in the world. Just sayin'.

Look! I'm a Smarty Pants! Well, I don't have any pants, but you'd never know it was me!

All right, so now we look like Not Us, so all we have to do is hide in the suitcase and wait it out!

I still say this is a silly idea, even if I do look fabulous.

Don't worry. It makes perfect sense. Just have to...umph...get in there.

Almost there! Just about...hey!

Aw! No fair! How did you know it was me?

I told you it was a silly idea.

You know what? I think I have another idea. This one's sure to work. I just need to find Zach's keys.

Well, wake me when it does. I'm keeping the costume though.


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  1. Very cute !!! I like it


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